22 Years Old Today

22 Years Old Today

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the creation of this business, and with over two decades worth of experience of selling blinds for conservatories, we've seen how the industry and the blinds themselves have changed over the years.

Since the business was founded in 1995 we have grown into a company full of true conservatory experts.

We opened up our first showroom in Ewell, Surrey in 2001, which is still our head office today. We expanded once again in 2005 by opening our own factory in Ashford in Kent, which allowed us to start making all of the blinds we sell, and start developing our own conservatory blinds technologies. We have since then moved into an even bigger conservatory blinds factory in Ashford, with room for all of the various pieces of custom manufacturing equipment that we use, as well as our own powder-coating facilities and an expansive showroom.

During that time, we've also changed the way we fit blinds, moving from subcontracted blind fitters (which the extreme majority of other companies use) to our own employed installation team in 2003. Over the years we've streamlined the entire installation process, making it easier for our fitters to measure up, transport and fit all of the blinds required for the job.

When the business started, we sold and fitted standard blinds for conservatories. These blinds were essentially repurposed house blinds, that were not designed to be used in a conservatory, but at the time they were the best option if you needed shading.

Over the last 22 years of business, we've been able to dramatically expand the range of blinds we offer so that we are able to make and fit blinds that actually look like a natural part of a conservatory. We've developed our own exclusive blind system - pure™ Conservatory Blinds - that allows Pleated, Pinoleum and Duette® blinds to be fitted into the more unusual and complex shapes that can be found in conservatories.

We've also applied the same level of expertise to motorised blinds, creating a range of pure™ Remote Control Blinds that can deal with the large amount of blinds some conservatories need, while at the same time being as sleek and neat as some ranges of manual standard conservatory blinds.

We continue to expand and innovate, so we can always be sure that we are providing the very best possible blinds for conservatories, orangeries, garden rooms, lantern roofs and folding doors.

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