Using Your Conservatory This Spring

Using Your Conservatory This Spring

Now that Spring is officially here and the clocks have gone forward, we can now start to look forward to warmer and sunnier days. For many people with conservatories, this is the perfect time to start using them - although the increased sun now presents it's own problems.

Now that the sun is in the sky for longer, that brings with it several ways it can make your conservatory uncomfortable to be in:

  • Increased glare. The extra sun means that it can be hard to use anything with a screen, such as a tablet, phone or television - especially now the sun is out in the evenings. This can be a massive problem if you mainly like to use your conservatory as an entertainment room.
  • Increased UV. The more the sun is out, the higher the risk that your furniture and flooring will start to fade from exposure to ultra-violet light. This is obviously a problem that needs to be prevented before it starts; or you may suffer permanent damage to your conservatory furniture.
  • Increased heat. Although it's not a major problem at the moment (although we have had some brief spells of good weather!), the increased sunlight will keep increasing the temperature in your conservatory until it can eventually become too warm to stay in for extended periods of time. Since most people want to use their conservatories to enjoy the sunnier weather, this is obviously a big problem.

Fortunately all of these problems can be solved easily just with the addition of properly made and fitted blinds for conservatories. Our specialist Solar Design™ fabrics have been specifically designed to make your conservatory more comfortable throughout the year by reducing the effects of all three of those issues:

Graph Showing The Effect of Blinds in a Conservatory

  • Reduced glare. Natural light is reduced down to about 50% - enough to reduce the glare in your conservatory, but still keep the room light and airy.
  • Protection from UV. Ultra-violet light can be reduced down to as little as 1%, protecting everything in your conservatory from fading.
  • Reduced heat. Infra-red light, the source of the heat build-up, can be reduced down to around 25%, keeping the room cool even during the warmer summer days.

While a lot of these problems have started already, they will only get worse as Spring turns into Summer - but there is still time to transform your conservatory into a room that will be comfortable, just arrange a free quotation with a member of our sales team today and see how we can make your conservatory a room that can be enjoyed all year round.

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