How Important is a Personalised Service?


When buying blinds for a conservatory, there are a lot of options available - from the online-only services, where the only interaction you have with a company is visiting their website, to more bespoke services like ours, which involves meeting with both a sales person and a member of our installation team

But with many companies these days starting to make the move towards focusing on the online side of their business, is having a more personalised service as important as it used to be?

For a product like conservatory blinds, the only way to truly know what you're actually going to be getting is by seeing the blinds for yourself. With us, that can be done both by vising our main showroom in our Factory, or our smaller showroom in our Head Office, but also by having a visit from a member of our sales team.

The sales person will bring with them a full sales kit, containing samples of every blind we sell. This will allow you to see how the blinds will look in your conservatory before you buy them. In contrast, when you buy blinds from an online-only retailer, you have no idea how the fabric will look in the lighting conditions of your conservatory until it's too late, and you've already bought the blinds.

But most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to have your blinds measured and installed by an experienced fitter, who has actually been inside your conservatory and so knows exactly how the blinds will need to be made to ensure the best possible fit.

Overall, the more bespoke a product is, the more important it is that you get a personalised service. As we meet all of our customers face-to-face during the quotation, survey and installation, we can make sure that the product they order is exactly what they want, and is tailored to their conservatory.

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