Two Years in Our Factory

Two Years in Our Factory

It's been just over two years since we started to make blinds in our current factory in Ashford, Kent, expanding from a smaller building in the same area.

In that time we've used our factory to make well over 50,000 blinds for conservatories, and we have transformed our factory into a bespoke workspace built to the specific requirements for making conservatory blinds.

When we first bought our current factory building in early 2014, it was essentially an empty shell. This allowed us to totally customise it to our specific needs, and create not only a space for the manufacturing of all of our blinds, but also complete custom-finishing facility and a fully-fitted showroom.


Our factory's manufacturing area has been designed by us to meet our exact needs for making blinds for conservatories. Our custom blind manufacturing tables feature purpose designed and unique 3D printed components, so that we can make the most accurate blinds possible, even when using long lengths of fabrics.

It also features a full set of quality control equipment, including a light table to check fabrics for any flaws that can only be seen at different light levels, and an automatic hoist designed for assembling, cutting, adjusting and testing extremely large window blinds up to 5 meters tall.

Custom Finishing

One of the first parts of our factory to be completed, our powder coating facilities allow us to offer a level of custom finishing that is unrivalled. We can easily provide rails, clips and end-caps in any RAL colour, outside of our 10 standard rail colours, allowing our blinds to look and feel like a natural part of the conservatory - a level of detail we can only provide because we own the facilities as well.

It's also a space for us to provide custom coloured pinoleum blinds, spray painted with any Farrow & Ball® colour.


Our factory showroom features five complete conservatories, filled with a wide range of the blinds that we offer. Here you will be able to see how neatly our pure™ Pleated Blinds can be fitted into the recess of a conservatory frame, and how our pureapect™ Gable Blinds can retract away into a minimal stack, as well as see examples of Pinoleum and Duette® blinds in situ.

The showroom is part of our factory and offices, open Monday to Friday 9.00-5.00pm (4.00pm on Fridays) so please call us on 01233 633 116 to make an appointment and browse our blinds.

Our factory is one of the main ways that our company is unique. It allows us to make blinds that have been specifically designed to be used in conservatories, with the level of accuracy that is essential to conservatory blinds. We have only been able to invest so much into making our factory be exactly what we need it to be because we specialise in conservatory blinds - allowing us to provide a level of attention to detail that is second to none.

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