The Importance of Coloured Blind Rails


One of the things that sets us apart from other companies is our attention to detail, and a good example of this is our coloured rails and components. While they may seem like a minor detail, having rails and components that coordinate with the frame of the conservatory can make the difference between blinds that stand out as additions, and blinds that naturally fit in.

While it's impossible to truly match a colour, between our 10 standard blind rail colours and our ability to powder coat rails to a custom RAL colour, we can provide blinds to fit in with even the more unusual of frame colours...

These long window blinds have Golden Oak rails, one of our standard colours, to coordinate with the timber frame of this conservatory in Devon. You can see from this close-up image how the rail has been neatly fitted into the recess of the window, with the colour of the blind rail making it look like a natural part of the frame:


The blinds for this lantern roof in Oxford have rails that have been powder coated with a custom RAL colour - in this case Traffic Grey - so as to more closely match the dark colour of the frame of the lantern. This is especially noticeable at the top of the blinds, where the rails blend in neatly with the central boss of the roof.


Even if you have a more unusually coloured conservatory, we can still make blinds that will blend in nicely. In this case the rails of these blinds were powder coated to the custom colour "Pastel Turquoise", giving the blinds a more integrated appearance than would be possible with any of our standard rail colours.


Finally, the blinds in this set of bi-fold doors have rails that match it's dark silver frame. When you look at this close up image (taken with a flash), you can see how the blind rail, the end caps and the fabric all neatly coordinate with the colour of the doors:

When you consider that a lot of cheaper blind ranges only offer a select few rail colours - and in some cases only even a white rail - it's easy to see how important these small details can be. We are only able to offer this wide range of custom colours because we are true conservatory blinds specialists, and have been able to outfit our factory with equipment specifically designed for conservatory blinds.

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