Conservatory Blinds Survey Videos

Conservatory Blinds Survey Videos

At the end of last year, as part of the many changes we made last year to modernise and streamline our company's workflow, we issued each member of our installation team with a company iPad. This lets them manage all of their current jobs digitally, and it also lets them use the bespoke trigonometry apps we had made. It also meant we were able to start taking videos of a customer's survey, which we have been doing for some months now.

Once each order has been processed, a member of our installation team comes out for the survey. They will measure up for each of the blinds, and discuss with the customer some of the finer details of the job, such as infill blinds and blinds around roof vents.

Now they will also film a short video summarising the survey, going through where the blinds will be fitted and highlighting any relevant points. This then gets sent back to our contracts department, who reviews each video and sends out it to the customer, who can view it on MyBlinds, our customer area.

Why are survey videos important?

The main benefit of taking survey videos is that it means each customer has a record of everything that was discussed at survey, and can refer to the video should they have any questions about the blinds. It also means that anyone who wasn't able to be at the survey can watch the video and see the information for themselves, instead of having to be told the details by someone else.

Another benefit is that it means we have another record of the survey to go along with the paperwork. It gives us another way to double-check the specifics of the job as we make the blinds, so we can make sure that the blinds fit perfectly.

Something like this is really only possible because all our fitters are employed by us. Self-employed fitters (as used by most of the industry) simply wouldn't be able to take the time to do this, as they work for commission and so need to try and fit as many jobs into a day as possible.

This is just another way we try and use the latest technology to provide a level of service that is second to none.

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