20 Years Old Today

20 Years Old Today

Today marks our 20th anniversary, and over these past 20 years this company has changed dramatically – both in the blinds we sell, and the way we sell them:

Our Company
The business was started in 1995 by our current Managing Director, who both sold and fitted blinds. As the business grew, we eventually became a limited company in 2000, and expanded into a showroom in Ewell, Surrey in 2001, that is still our main office today. By 2005 we had also opened a 6,000ft² factory in Ashford, Kent, which allowed us to make all of our blinds completely in-house.

Over these 20 years we have now become true conservatory blinds experts. By 2003 we had made the decision to stop using self-employed blind fitters. By employing all our fitters ourselves we were also to guarantee a much higher level of quality to the installations, with a level of attention to detail that would be impossible to get otherwise. We now have a team of more than 20 experienced salesmen and installers providing expert advice and quality installations across the UK.

Most importantly, we have thousands of happy customers - just read our customer reviews.

Our Blinds
When we started in 1995, we only sold two types of blind: Pli-Sol Pleated Blinds and French Pinoleum Blinds. At the time, we were only one of a few companies that sold these blinds, and they were some of the best blinds available for conservatories. However, thanks to our research & development team, in 2007 we were able to launch our pure™ Conservatory Blinds – specifically designed to be used in conservatories, these blinds could be recess fitted into the window frame, for a much neater fit.

A year later we added puresolo™ Remote Control Blinds to our long list of conservatory blinds technologies; a unique remote control system designed specifically for the large number of blinds in a conservatory.

Our continuing innovation over the last 20 years has resulted in truly market-leading blinds that look like part of your conservatory and make it a useable room all year round, as well as being totally child safe by design.

Our Website
We were one of the first conservatory blinds companies to create their own website, all the way back in December 1998. While the site was very basic by today’s standard, it was still an important way of telling people who we are, and letting them get in contact with us.

After several redesigns over the years, our website is now full of information about conservatory blinds, including an image gallery with over 1,000 photos of real customer conservatories, a detailed FAQ section, multiple videos and even a dedicated customer area that provides care & maintenance information. This is now one of the most informative and detailed conservatory blinds websites on the internet, and we are always working to improve it.

The last 20 years has seen us transform as a company, and we will keep innovating and improving our blinds and our service in the years to come.

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