PowerRise® Battery Powered Remote Control Duette® Window Blinds

PowerRise<sup>®</sup> Battery Powered Remote Control Duette<sup>®</sup> Window Blinds

Most of our Duette® blinds are installed within a conservatory, requiring constant operation, so remote control operation is actually not required because manual operation is neater, quicker, lacks the need for maintenance and is, of course, much cheaper.

However, there are circumstances where freehanging blinds are recess-fitted within the reveals of a window (or door) and no provision has been made for a power supply, yet motorised blinds are required. Perhaps the window is inaccessible, or it is too high/low for easy operation – this is where battery powered remote control blinds come into their own.

Available for Duette® or pleated fabrics, these freehanging blinds utilise the common headrail used for SmartCord® and LiteRise® blinds, but have an integrated low voltage Somfy® motor.

The battery pack is fitted at the back of the blind with rechargeable batteries that can be connected to a charger and recharged within 2 hours, so the blind does not have to be taken down and refitted (like other battery powered blinds).

Battery powered PowerRise® blinds must be fitted in such a way as to ensure they clear any protruding window handles and should NOT be surface-mounted within a UPVC conservatory, but also are limited to the following maximum dimensions:

  • Max 4m² for Duette ®  fabric
  • Max 3.5m² for Duette ®  Oscurax fabric
  • Max 2.2m drop (subject to maximum area)
  • Max. 2m wide (subject to maximum area)
  • Min. 500mm wide

All blinds should be matched to the same headrail; therefore any other blinds in the same room must be PowerRise ® , SmartCord® or LiteRise®. 

PowerRise® blinds are controlled using a standard Somfy® remote control handset:

  • Telis 1 for a single blind
  • Telis 4 for up to 5 blinds (requires a Smoove handset for “all operation” if more than 4 blinds)
  • Telis 16 for up to 16 blinds

The blinds can be operated individually, in zones or simultaneously.

The cost of adding PowerRise® to Duette® freehanging window blinds is just £200 per blind with a 12-month guarantee (excluding batteries).

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