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This week we are starting to move in to our new conservatory blinds factory premises in Ashford, Kent. It's a phased move, as the new factory is only 5 minutes drive from our current premises, so we will be working out of both units for the next week or two.

We purchased the building earlier this year (just as a shell - with only outer walls and a roof) so we have spent the past 6 months building and creating a custom designed solution for our highly specific needs.

There are still lots of finishing touches to do (e.g. swing doors, staff room facilities, more racking, a large showroom and plenty of decoration) as well as finishing off the car park (which will have to wait until Spring now) but we have accomplished a great deal.

We are particularly proud of the custom manufactured racking for all of the aluminium profiles and fabrics, as well as the production tables throughout the building. This has involved months of designing, fabricating, powder coating and assembling (much of which was carried out by our Operations Director) to provide us with cutting-edge dedicated solutions for our specialist manufacturing requirements.

Conservatory Blinds Factory - Blind Cording Area

Photo taken from one of the first floor mezzanines. To give you an idea of scale, each cording table is over 5m long (16’).

Conservatory Blinds Factory - Speciality Blinds and Fabrics

This mezzanine will be for speciality blinds, fabric storage and cutting. It is over 21m long (approx. 70’) and includes a 5m tall hoist.

Conservatory Blinds Factory - Aluminium Rails

This shows half of our aluminium storage, cutting and metal punching area - each work bench is 7m long (approx. 23’)

The photos are just candid shots showing us "mid-move", so obviously they don’t do it justice at all (and only show a small portion of the entire building) but hopefully they give you an idea.

With lots still to do, we will be working 7 days a week to try and get settled in and finished as soon as possible. We will provide a video tour and some better photography in the New Year, so watch this space!

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