Profiled Pleats

Profiled Pleats

Fabrics that are designed specifically for a conservatory are quite different to generic fabrics used in the rest of your home. Genuine conservatory blind fabrics have to be up to 10x thinner than domestic fabrics so that when they are fitted directly to the glazing beads of your windows they cover as little glass as possible when they are retracted.

This also means that the fabrics can be woven in such a way as to allow natural light transmission, whilst still providing privacy, stopping UV and reducing glare.

Solar Design pleated fabrics are also completely washable… not just “easy care” (which basically means they can be wiped with a damp cloth).

Take a close look at the cheap fabrics, which are designed to be used for standard house blinds, and you will find that not only are they much thicker and stiffer, but also cannot be washed.

But what about the pleats themselves?

Take an even closer look at cheap fabrics and you will find that the pleats are formed as simple folds. The pleats on Solar Design fabrics have a much more contoured shape that is formed at high temperature such that the fabric retains a “memory”.

Even if you leave the fabric hanging completely unsupported for long periods of time, the pleats can be found again. In fact, by compressing the pleats in the retracted blind over a couple of days, your blind will be completely back to normal.

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