Almost Invisible Blinds

Almost Invisible Blinds

The above image is of a conservatory where we fitted our pure Pleated Blinds- one thing that a lot of people miss when they first look at the image is that it is not a "before" picture taken prior to installation, but an image of the finished job! In fact, blinds have been fitted to both the roof and windows of this conservatory, and are just retracted away to be almost invisible.

Taking a closer look, you can see the blinds neatly retracted into the roof, windows, and even into the small fanlights:

This extremely neat appearance can only be achieved when using our exclusive pure™ Conservatory Blinds, as they have been specifically designed by us for use in conservatories. Our blinds are able to be recess fitted into the conservatory, meaning that they take up much less space when compared to standard blinds, covering as little of the glass as possible when retracted.

For the final finishing touch, the rails themselves can be coloured to match the rest of the conservatory. Along with our standard rail colours, which have been chosen to match the majority of conservatory colours, we can also use our powder coating facilities to colour both the blind rails and the components to match the exact colour of a conservatory, making the blinds look like a natural part of the room.

We have now even changed our conservatory blinds gallery so images such as this one above are clearly labelled as "Retracted Blinds", so that visitors to the site will not mistake them for images taken before the blinds were installed.

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