How Fabric Colour Changes With Shading

How Fabric Colour Changes With Shading

Following on from a news article in May, we have another good example of how local shading can dramatically alter the colour of your blinds between roof and windows, and even between adjoining blinds.

These pure™ pleated blinds were recently installed within the roof and windows of an Edwardian style hipped conservatory with a box gutter in Yorkshire.

Even though it doesn’t look like it, all blinds have Buttermilk Crush fabric.

As you can see, one aspect of the conservatory roof is in shade behind the house, whereas the adjoining blinds are facing the sun, making the apparent difference in colour quite stark. It actually looks like a completely different coloured fabric, but it isn’t. Later that day the shade moved and the colour difference is no longer apparent.

Local shading changes the apparent colour of your roof blinds fabric

This next image also shows a slight difference between the aspect directly facing the sun and the side aspect that is not quite in direct sunlight, but is not in shade either.

Local shading affects the apparent colour of window blinds fabric

Look carefully in this last image and you will see that one of the window blinds is half in shade due to an object outside which has caused half of the blind to be in shade, making it very obvious indeed.

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