How fabric colour is affected by local shading


When looking for conservatory blinds, it is always very useful to see the fabrics under different lights, as the shade of the fabric can change in different lights. Most of the time this means that all of the blinds change shade as the position of the sun changes in the sky, but sometimes there are situations where blinds of the exact same colour can look slightly different in the same conservatory.

We recently had a customer in Reading ask whether we had manufacted some of their pure Pleated Blinds with a different shade of fabric... as you can see from the image below, it does indeed look like we have used two totally different fabric colours - but this is just a trick of the light.

The installer returned to the customer, so he could swap the blinds around (blinds from the left hand side were fitted on the right and vice-versa) to prove that they were all made from exactly the same fabric (and even the same dye-batch).

As it turned out, the problem was due to the fact that the windows on the left have a large tree behind them, meaning they get a different amount of sunlight than the windows on the right:

This sort of shade difference is just the nature of any light translucent blinds - they will look different under different lighting condition (we mention this in our Frequently Asked Questions and even state it within our Conditions of Sale).

However we always endeavour to make sure that customers are able to see our different fabrics in different contexts. It's why having a member of our sales team visit you and show you the fabric samples in your conservatory is especially important, as only then will you be able to see exactly how the finished blinds will look.

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