Professional Vehicles

Professional Vehicles

The work that we do here at Conservatory Blinds Limited is very specialist and offers a unique set of challenges when it comes to specifying vehicles. As you can imagine, we need vehicles that are cost effective to run, as well as practical for the long, thin and relatively lightweight loads that we carry.

We have trialled a number of different commercial vehicles over the years, but are now have a fleet of 10 vans, most of which are Nissan NV200 1.5dCi with 110bhp, equally suited to both long-distance travelling and in-town driving, with relatively good average fuel consumption (up to 38mpg).

Inside we have custom-designed racking and storage for our highly specific needs, including secure methods of carrrying different types of adjustable ladders (for even the highest conservatories) as well as storage areas for transporting blinds and mounting profile up to 3m long.

Inside view of Nissan NV200 van racking

Despite the extensive storage capacity required for all of the necessary parts, fixings, ladders, workbench and tools that we have to carry, there is still ample room for storage of blinds.

We have even ustilised the ribs in the roof to act as fixing points for Velcro straps that allow us to store a large variety of 1.5m long mounting profile running from the back doors (just behind the interior light) to the bulkhead (which we have replaced and gained an awful lot of space as a result).

All of our tools can be quickly and securely stored away whilst at work, but can be easily removed for when they are parked overnight, and one of the side-loading doors is dedicated to providing easy access for all of our specialist fixings, as well as low voltage cables and connectors - even a broom!

Side view of Nissan NV200 van racking

It is a clever solution borne out of many years of experience in our very niche trade. We believe that this latest generation of custom-fitted vans provides a truly professional and highly efficient solution.

We can adapt the vehicles because, unlike other companies, we actually buy all of our vans (we don't contract hire or lease) and we can invest in our Installers like this because they are all salaried employees (we don't use subcontract blind fitters).

When you contact Conservatory Blinds Limited, you can see that you are dealing with true professionals in every respect.

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