During a recent installation of blinds into the homes of one of our customers, the fitter noticed something unusual with some of the other blinds in the property. The blinds were roller blinds and had been recently fitted by another well-known nationwide blind company, but what caught the fitter’s attention was the fact that they were fitted in a very unsafe way:

As they are manual roller blinds they require the use of a looped cord; however these blinds were fitted with a cord that was much too long, and only fitted with a simple hook to tie the cord off with. Had they been fitted safely, not only would the cord itself have been much shorter but it would have been fitted with a full cleat, as well as other child safety devices such as breakaway connectors. As the blind is fitted now the looped cord could easily fall off the hook and pose a danger to children.

The current child safety regulations came info effect back in February 2014, and they included specifications on how long a looped cord is legally allowed to be to be considered “child safe”, and the safety devices required to ensure they don’t pose a risk to children. As such, it’s quite shocking to us that a large nationwide company would still fit blinds like this over 5 years after the regulations came into effect.

There are many reasons why it may have happened, but it’s possible it just could have been ignorance on the part of the fitter. Since many companies use self-employed fitters to fit their blinds, they don’t always have direct control over the training they receive; including their knowledge of the current child safety regulations. Because we employ all of our fitters, we not only ensure that they are all well versed in all the regulations before they’re allowed to fit blinds, but that they also have regular refresher training as they continue to work for us.

Child safety is something to consider whenever you buy any sort of blind. It can effect the decision of whether or not to buy a blind with cord operation or a Safe By Design operation method, which could even including getting motorised blinds over manual operation. Don’t forget that even if you don’t currently live with children, the blinds need to be safe for anyone who may live in that property in the future and for any children who may visit the property – this is why we always have to fit child-safe blinds regardless of who lives there.

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