Do you have operational obtuse blinds?

Yes, we are able to offer unique obtuse roof blinds that are completely operational.

Obtuse triangles are now quite common in conservatory roofs. They have a base angle that exceeds 90 degrees, resulting in the triangle sloping "backwards" away from the base. The more obtuse the angle is, the more difficult it is for it to look neat.

Our obtuse blinds are very different from those made by other companies.

All blinds are bespoke-manufactured to suit the conservatory in which they are being installed, so there are no fixed specifications, but you can read below to find out more.

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Obtuse Roof Blinds

Making blinds for obtuse shaped roof panels is extremely difficult and requires many years of experience installing blinds within conservatories, as well as the ability to design different components and cording into a specifically designed blind system - something that no other company can do.

It is possible to make any blind fit such an odd shape, but the fitted appearance and limited operation will vary enormously between blind ranges. View images of how obtuse blinds can look compared to our own.

Most obtuse blinds are formed by a small fixed triangular area at the base with a normal right-angled triangular shaped blind sitting on top of this sloping extra rail. This is common with Eos pleated blinds, Duette® blinds, Standard pleated blinds and Classic pleated blinds.

If you want a “one piece” obtuse blind that effectively looks the same as regular shapes then this can only be achieved with pure™ Pleated Blinds and pure™ Pinoleum Blinds.

Factors affecting the appearance of obtuse blinds when retracted:

Drop: the longer the blind, the thicker the stack will be

Fabric: the thicker the fabric, the thicker the stack will be

Angle: the greater the angle, the thicker the stack will be

Operation: only pure™ Pleated manual blinds avoid the need for a fixed infill

Our fact sheet provides more details so, for more information on how this affects your conservatory, discuss it with our Sales and Installation Teams.

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