Do blinds improve insulation against heat?

Insulation from both heat-loss and noise can make all the difference in a conservatory. In both cases it is roof blinds particularly that would provide the greatest benefit (although side blinds would also help).

Duette® pleated blinds provide the best insulation (although we don’t normally recommend them in a south-facing conservatory roof) as well as pure Pinoleum Blinds with solar reflective lining. Other ranges such as our Standard pleated blinds, Budget pleated blinds, as well as our Eos and pure Pleated Blinds would also be suitable as long as you used a fabric with a high “absorption”.

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The amount of heat that is absorbed, reflected or transmitted by the blinds is totally dependant on the type of fabrics used.

Our Solar Design™ Pleated fabrics are designed up refect or absorb the majority of heat, with some colours only letting 16% of the heat through into the conservatory.

The Duette® Oscurax Blackout Blinds will refect or absorb 100% of the heat (as well as blocking 100% of the light), although they are not recommended for all situations.

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