What blinds do you recommend in a lean-to conservatory?

Lean-to conservatories with completely rectangular glazing normally offer the widest choice of blinds available as there are fewer discerning factors between ranges other than colour and prices.

If your lean-to conservatory is quite low or is not perfectly rectangular (perhaps due to brick piers, pipes or just that the rafters are not perfectly aligned) then surface-mounted pleated blinds are recommended.

Depending on fabric, attention to detail, washability and budget you could choose from:

If your lean-to conservatory has shaped glazing on the sides (where the sloping roof meets the side windows) then you may also need shaped blinds in which case this would refine our pleated blind recommendations down to Eos pleated blinds or more likely just pure Pleated Blinds (as the shaped blinds can be recess-fitted and are easy to maintain).

If you have a timber conservatory then purePinoleum Blinds are very popular, but ensure that your rafters are perfectly straight and don't taper or twist as this will result in unsightly gaps between the straight edge of the blinds and the "wavy" edge of the rafters.

Some lean-to conservatories have Ultralite or tinted polycarbonate roofs which change the colour of the light coming into the conservatory. We can recommend different fabrics that will not darken your conservatory or be so highly reflective as to damage the polycarbonate.

Full height window glazing in a lean-to conservatory can sometimes be suited to vertical blinds, although this very much depends on the proposed usage and budget.

A final point worthy of note is that Lean-to conservatories are unique in as much as the roof blinds will cost less than the side blinds because there is proportionally less glazing on the roof - but this also means that the windows are also more likely to allow a greater degree of heat in and out.

Try our interactive guide to selecting conservatory blinds, compare conservatory blinds ranges or just visit our image gallery.


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