What blinds do you recommend in a UPVC conservatory?

UPVC conservatories are extremely popular and make up the vast majority of all conservatories built in the UK. 

There are many different roof systems, glazing types and profiles used by conservatory builders and as tastes and budgets vary, there is no single blind range that can be recommended in all situations.

As a general rule of thumb, pleated blinds are the most popular and there are two different pleated blind ranges that are actually purpose-designed for modern UPVC conservatories; Eos pleated blinds and pure Pleated Blinds.

Roof blinds are normally surface-mounted on the rafters with window blinds often recess-fitted to the glazing beads, creating a truly built-in appearance.

Some UPVC conservatories have decorative mouldings that can hinder the installation of some blinds, but purpose-designed conservatory blinds have special mounting profiles and alternative fittings that can overcome these problems without leaving gaps or causing damage.

Other pleated blinds are also available, but they are general blind systems that do not fit quite as neatly, and in some cases can be sub-standard.

Our unique pure Pinoleum Blinds and pure Roman Blinds can also be suitable in a UPVC conservatory as they benefit from the same purpose-designed operating system.

Because window handles project out from UPVC windows, any surface-fitted blinds, such as roller blinds, vertical blinds and venetian blinds need to be fitted very closely together (so blinds that required cleats would not be recommended).

If considering vertical blinds then ensure that they are fitted sufficiently away from the roof so that any roof blinds can also be subsequently installed.

Perfect Fit blinds are available, and whilst not being actual "conservatory blinds" they can be easily fitted into many UPVC windows providing a good DIY option, especially if only needing a few blinds at a time.

Try our Interactive Guide to Selecting Conservatory Blinds or view our image gallery.


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