What are the correct blinds for an Amdega conservatory?

Amdega conservatory blinds are larger than many others. Amdega conservatories have approx. 1400mm wide sections (nearly 5') subdivided into 3 narrower sections and so can have very different blind layouts, which in turn affects which blinds that we recommend.

The most popular Amdega conservatory blinds are pure Pinoleum Blinds with big blinds spanning the 1400mm width fitted onto the fascia at the eaves and within the top of the main rafters at the top with a semi-recessed installation.

Pinoleum window blinds are surface-mounted to the fascia, where we strongly recommend a cordlock (3 different types of cordlock pinoleum blinds are available). If you select a cord/cleat operated blind then a gap is required between the blinds for the cleat which results in noticeable light gaps.

On roof vents we recommend separate blinds so that the roof can be ventilated and yet you can retain the shade and insulation all year round.

Our purePleated Blinds are also an option with this type of layout and we have developed a special pleated blind especially for Amdega conservatories. Pleated blinds can even be individually recess-fitted for a completely integrated appearance - the difference between the blind layouts is quite dramatic.

If considering pleated blinds we would recommend pure Pleated Blinds, although if small gaps are not an issue then Standard pleated blinds are also worth considering.

Finally, our unique puresolo™ remote control system is available with purePleated and Pinoleum Blinds for Amdega conservatories.


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