What are the correct blinds for an Anglian conservatory?

Anglian conservatory blinds - which blinds do we recommend in an Anglian conservatory?

Although a frequently asked question, there are many possible blinds that would be recommended in an Anglian conservatory depending on size, shape, age and complexity, as well as budget.

Certainly the most popular blinds in an Anglian conservatory would be Eos pleated blinds with solar reflective Crush fabrics (find out more by reading the section below).

Anglian conservatory roofs are actually manufactured by Ultraframe, whose guarantee requires that each roof blind does not cover more than one pane of glass, also allowing a 15mm air gap around the edge of the blind. This is because some blinds are inappropriate and create a huge heat build-up between the blind and the fabric that could potentially damage the conservatory.

Anglian conservatories have different shaped glazing beads on the windows which very much lend themselves to our exclusive pure pleated blinds.

Current Anglian conservatories also have slightly deeper glazing bars (rafters) and integrated ventilators at the eaves which again normally lead us to suggest Eos pleated blinds or pure pleated roof blinds.

The mouldings used in Anglian conservatories around the fascia (in corners and at junctions) can require some blind types to be fitted too high, but this can be avoided using pure pleated blinds.

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Anglian conservatories are often fitted with Eos® pleated blinds because that is the sole blind system sold by the company that Anglian "recommends" to their customers (in return for a 20% sales commission).

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