How do I prevent my furniture from fading?

Furniture & flooring fades and cracks due to UV degradation. Genuine conservatory blind fabrics can protect interiors from UV as they are manufactured with absorbers and blockers to reduce UV transmission down to very low levels (typically 0-5%).

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Not all fabrics block UV transmission; cheaper fabrics and blinds will actually degrade due to photo-oxidation themselves (they will literally discolour, crack and eventually fall apart).

Genuine conservatory blinds can help protect your furniture & flooring from fading as they are purpose-designed for the hostile environment of a conservatory, but beware as many blinds sold as "conservatory blinds" are not that at all.

We normally recommend blinds that can be left extended without reducing the natural light levels or hindering ventilation such as Eos pleated blinds and pure™ pleated blinds.

Compare Conservatory Blinds to see which are more effective at insulating against heat loss in a conservatory, or try our Interactive Guide to Selecting Conservatory Blinds.

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