Do blinds keep my conservatory warmer in winter?

Absolutely! Correctly specified conservatory roof blinds can make a huge difference in heat loss during the evening and colder months.

Conservatories can obviously get uncomfortably hot on sunny days, but most conservatory owners are surprised at how cold and uninviting the room can be during the evening or on colder days of the year.

Genuine conservatory blinds can help to moderate the temperature and comfort of a conservatory all day and evening, throughout the entire year.

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In larger conservatories (or those that are open-plan to the house) you will find that turning the heating up will have little difference apart from making your house too hot.

As the vast majority of heat loss is through the roof it is important to have well fitted roof blinds with a suitable fabric that will both help to retain the heat and yet still allow natural light transmission. Dim-out or blackout fabrics may appear to be the best option, but are rarely a practical solution in real-life.

One of the best performing solutions from the point of view of simply helping to retain heat is Duette® pleated blinds but we also recommend Eos pleated blinds, pure Pleated Blinds and purePinoleum Blinds.

If you have a simple roof with completely rectangular panes of glazing then you may also wish to consider Standard pleated blinds or even Classic pleated roof blinds but the thicker/more opaque fabrics will mean that your conservatory and adjoining rooms will be darker.

Compare Conservatory Blinds to see which are more effective at insulating against heat loss in a conservatory, or try our Interactive Guide to Selecting Conservatory Blinds.

While others may claim “up to 12% savings on heating bills” and “retaining up to 46% extra heat” we feel that, due to the large amount of factors that can affect the effectiveness of the fabric, quoting exact figures can be very misleading

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