Why do I need to clear my conservatory at survey and installation?

Whenever you have conservatory blinds fitted we need your conservatory to be clear so that there is enough room for us to work safely and without inadvertently damaging anything. We also need the conservatory sufficiently clear so that we can also measure and survey your conservatory.

From a health and safety point of view we need to have easy access to the work area. Any smaller items should be easily removed and will avoid any risk of them being damaged.

The extent of clearance required varies with the shape of conservatory and the type of blinds you have ordered:

Shaped Roof Blinds – the entire conservatory needs to be clear
Rectangular Roof Blinds – the area under each end needs to be completely clear
Window Blinds – an area approx. 900mm (3’) wide needs to be clear all around

If you have any flooring or wall coverings that are easily damaged by dust etc. then consider protecting them as well.

Please always remove any breakable items, including light fittings.

If you are unable to move certain very heavy items of furniture then please tell the installer when you book the survey (before we arrive). We may be able to work around it at survey stage, but are unlikely to be able to fit roof blinds around any furniture.

In certain circumstances the installer might be able to help you move an item, but obviously this must be at your own risk and in some circumstances he may have to decline if he is concerned.

Any items left in a conservatory are done so at the customer's own risk. Whilst we make every effort to avoid any damage, we will not be held responsible for any damage caused.

Obviously everyone's conservatory is different and so this may not be an issue in your conservatory. If you are in any doubt please discuss this with the installer by phone before he visits you.


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