How do I clean my pure Pleated blinds?

Our pure Pleated Blinds are hand-washable and do not need to be disassembled. Simply unclip your blinds from the conservatory and shake out any debris. Depending on how dirty they are you can either rinse them off or wash them.

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Washable Pleated Blinds for a Conservatory 

Rinsing (the most common option): If you have a bath with shower attachment simply extend your blinds and rinse them off with hand-warm water (no detergent). Afterwards retract them and shake any excess water out, then re-clip them back into position part-closed so that they can dry.

Hand-washing (if very dirty such as in a smoking environment): Part-fill your bath with hand-warm water (30ºC) and add a PH neutral cleaning liquid. Immerse the blinds for a few minutes, gently move the blind around (do not rub it) then lift it clear and rinse off as directed above.

To avoid condensation leave the conservatory well-ventilated all-day after refitting your blinds.

For more information, please refer to your Care and Maintenance Booklet (provided at installation) or log in to our My Blinds customer area to see videos explaining how to remove and clean the blinds.

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