What should I look out for at survey?

Once you have decided to place your order, the next step is a survey - and this is your last chance to ensure that you are happy with what has been ordered.

Use this checklist at survey, whoever you buy your blinds from:

  • Ensure that the surveyor is an employee and not a subcontactor
  • Check that this surveyor will be the same person that fits your blinds
  • Understand any changes made to the original speciifcation at survey
  • Establish exactly where and how your blinds will be fitted
  • Ask the surveyor to explain whether there will be any gaps left
  • Ask the surveyor to explain how the blinds will look when open/closed
  • Ask the surveyor to explain how to remove the blinds for cleaning
  • Ask what would happen if the installation does not meet the agreed criteria

Read more below about what to look out for at survey stage.

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Firstly ensure that the surveyor will also be the person who fits the blinds so that you have continuity and can take him to task if he doesn't do what he says he will do when it comes to installation. Here at Conservatory Blinds Limited we always endeavour to make sure that you are dealing with the same person at both survey and installation, but you also have a dedicated Contracts Manager in the office with whom you can communicate.

If the surveyor is having to change the layout and specification, or is discussing issues with you that were glossed over at point of sale, then be very wary. Always confirm any points in writing (or email) just to be sure of what has been said. Here at Conservatory Blinds Limited we rarely need to amend any details at survey unless the Installer finds a technical limitation in your property that was not apparent before.

Establish exactly where the blinds will be fitted and exactly what gaps you will get. Ask the surveyor to confirm what the blinds will look like when open/closed. Ask the surveyor to explain exactly how the blinds are removed for cleaning. Here at Conservatory Blinds Limited we always go through these details with you at survey so that you are fully aware of every possible detail.

If you are dealing with another company, be aware that you will almost certainly not have any basis for complaint once your blinds have been manufactured and fitted. At survey, double-check all of the key points made by the salesman that convinced you to go with this retailer so that you will not be disappointed at installation.

If you feel that there is a significant difference between what was claimed by the salesman and what is being stated by the surveyor then do not proceed and do not sign anything (many retailers have a clause that says once you have signed at survey you are fully liable). You can cancel your order if you have been misled.

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