What should I look out for when making an enquiry?

If you are relying on the internet to find a conservatory blind company then you need be very careful. It costs very little to create a simple web site giving you the impression that you are dealing with an established specialist company, when you are not.

We provide extensive information about our company so that you can be sure that you are dealing with a genuine long-standing company that specialises only in conservatory blinds.

We also provide extensive feedback with over 1,400 customer reviews on our website and over 800 reviews on the independent site Checkatrade.

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There really are very few genuine conservatory blind specialists in the UK. The vast majority of retailers you will find on the Internet are simply not experienced in conservatory blinds at all - despite what they may claim.

Always check a retailer's background before contacting them. For instance: 

  • Check Companies House to see how long they have been trading 
  • Credit check them with any of the online credit check companies 
  • Visit their premises to ensure it is a real business 
  • Check to see if they are a member of the British Blind & Shutter Association
  • Ask to visit their factory (or at least establish that they categorically have one) 
  • Always insist that you will want to see real blinds rather than just fabric samples 
  • Insist on seeing images of real installations, not their supplier's marketing photos 
  • Ask whether it will be possible to see a real installation

If in doubt, don't commit to anything without having everything in writing.

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