How many wires are there in a roof blind?

The "wires" in a roof blind actually vary in type and construction depending on which range of blinds you are referring to.

The "wires" on our pure Pleated Blinds are actually 0.9mm diameter stainless steel micro-cables that are polymer coated and silicone impregnated to protect them and provide a smooth operation.

A rectangular roof blind requires an absolute minimum of 2 supporting micro-cables and (for instance) a rectangular pinoleum blind should not need a third micro-cable until approx. 750mm wide x 3500mm long (2'6" x 11'6").

Shaped blinds require more micro-cables than rectangular blinds so that they support the shaped edge of the fabric. View our image gallery to see how this can vary.

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The stainless steel silicon impregnated micro-cables used on our pure Conservatory Blinds are actually a very costly component of the finished roof blind and are manufactured speficially to our own unique specification, including colour coordinating colour options for light/dark fabrics, so that they don't stand out against pale coloured pleated fabrics, like they do on other blinds.

The quantity varies with each blind, depending on the pitch of the conservatory roof, blind type, range, width, drop, shape and fabric, as well as whether it has Fabric Control Cording.

We manufacture each blind with the minimum number of cables to ensure that it operates correctly and will not cause the fabric to sag down between the cables over a period of time.

Despite what some sales comapnies may say; no one else can make shaped roof blinds with far fewer wires (and certainly not half the number, that a certain company claims).

There are some blind ranges that utilise different grades of micro-cables (including some that are not coated at all). Budget Pleated Blinds actually use a pre-stressed nylon wire (like fishing line) which has to be adjusted periodically to account for stretching in the heat.

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