What's included in your Complete Service Plan?

We offer an optional annual service when you buy roof blinds, which is particularly recommended for remote control installations. We unclip your blinds, clean out any debris and make sure they are all working correctly, as well as re-applying silcone that cleans, de-greases and lubricates your roof blinds.

You can even use up your visits to resolve items not covered by guarantee, thereby avoiding any service call costs.  Further details are available from our sales team or in the MyBlinds area of our website.

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As most service calls arise due to incorrect care and operation of roof blinds, it is often cheaper for you to purchase a Complete Service Plan at order stage or purchase one from our online customer area than to pay for reactive service calls that are not covered under guarantee.

We visit you and carry out a full check on your blinds to ensure that they are in top condition, and carry out the following work ...

  • Blinds unclipped (normally from the top) and any loose debris shaken out
  • Fixings, clips and brackets checked and replaced where necessary
  • Cables wiped with silicone and re-tensioned as necessary
  • Motors and drive cords checked to be fully operational
  • Handset, programmers & transformer checked to be operational
  • Blinds tested and work area swept clean on completion
  • Battery replaced in your remote control handset 
  • Work area swept clean on completion

Only available for installations up to 4.5m high. Inaccessible roof blinds require access equipment to be provided.

You don’t need to stick to yearly visits either – they can be at any time. You can arrange your maintenance visit when you require – if you require a specific date, simply call or email us with at least 4 weeks' notice. 

Most people have their maintenance carried out before or after the summer ‘fly-season’ (before April or from late August onwards). We recommend the best times for annual maintenance, so that you get the maximim benefit, are in January/February and after the summer in September - November.

We ask that you complete your Complete Service Plan by no later than the end of the fifth year, so you are effectively making sure that your blinds are in top condition for at least 6 entire years, but this is not a rigid requirement.

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