How long does it take to survey and fit conservatory blinds?

Obviously there is no truly definitive answer to this question, as the time required to survey and installl conservatory blinds varies with size, complexity and the nature of the conservatory construction.

Surveys can take as little as 15 minutes (for the smallest simplest orders) to more than 2 hours. Generally speaking we would suggest allowing at least an hour for a typical survey, but this also depends on how much technical information you require.

Likewise, installation can take as little as an hour for small simple orders, to all day (or more) for large complex orders. The very largest orders with lots of motorised blinds can often take more than a day. We normally suggest half a day as a being "typical".

Your installer will be able to give you an estimated time for installing the blinds when he visits you at survey. He will also book your installation date at that time.

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How long does it take to survey and fit conservatory blinds?

In addition to measuring all of your glazing and roof angles, as well as checking the fitting options and positions, we also need to go through the order with you in as much detail as possible - as it is from the survey that we make your blinds. If you need to make any changes (however minor) this must happen at survey otherwise it will cost more money and take longer.

Installations are even harder to generalise. If you have ordered conservatory window blinds then the installation could take as little as an hour or so (subject to the conservatory construction).

Roof blinds and shaped blinds are much more complex and so you should probably allow around half a day. Blinds for very complex conservatories can take all day and very large conservatories can even involve more than one day's installation.

Your installer will be able to give you a more accurate idea at survey. Our fitters work very efficiently, but will not rush their work, so you can be sure of the very highest possible standard of installation.

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