What deposit do I have to pay?

We normally require a 25% deposit with your order, with the remaining balance due on the day of installation once the blinds are fitted.

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If you are considering purchasing blinds elsewhere then it is wise to check their terms, as it is common for an additional stage payment to be made at survey and payment in full on the day of installation prior to any blinds being fitted. For the majority of installations we will only ask for payment once the blinds have been installed and we have verified you are happy with the work.

As with many purchases (e.g. furniture, carpets, holidays, etc) a deposit helps to ensure that people will not change their minds after the company has already incurred costs.

It is in our interest to get your blinds manufactured and installed as quickly as possible, because until then we are losing money.

We are a reputable, well-established company, but if you are uneasy about paying a deposit for any reason, then pay by credit card (or any other form of credit) so that you are protected by the card issuer.

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