Can you supply custom coloured blinds?

Yes, it is actually one of our specialist areas of expertise.

Although we offer the widest range of standard colours, textures and finishes in the UK, we also offer custom coloured woods, rails and hardware, as well as custom coloured pleated fabric for very large orders.


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Unlike any other blind company we actually have our own in-house custom finishing facility where we have powder coating facilities (for colouring aluminium rails and components) as well as a full spray shop for custom painting wood rails and components, as well as one-off plastic components.

Obviously any custom-coloured orders take additional time to complete and have an additional cost (which varies with the specification) especially if we have to send you any colour samples for approval, so please bear this in mind when ordering.

We do not normally recommend custom painting UPVC components as, despite the most modern etching materials, it is not possible to guarantee the finish. We nearly always suggest that you choose UPVC components from one of the 9 standard UPVC colours that we use for our pure™ Conservatory Blinds, as they often coordinate well with most custom coloured rails.

Wood finishes can be specified by a BS colour or paint name from the Dulux or Farrow & Ball™ paint ranges. Aluminium components can be specified by RAL code. Pleated fabrics are specified by pantone colour.

Please contact us if you have a specification in mind and we will do our best to assist you 

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