Why can't you just publish your prices?

It would be impossible to publish our entire pricelist, as it's far too complex to be of any use, but we do provide lots of helpful price guides.

There are nearly 300 different prices on this web site providing accurate estimates for all of the varying blind specifications in typical conservatories, but these have been based on criteria that we have set, so they are relatively easy to calculate.

Our full pricelist now runs to well over 100,000 different costs which can be applied and added together in different ways to reflect the nature of any proposed installation irrespective of how it may vary.

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Pricing made-to-measure conservatory blinds when there are so many blind types, ranges, fabrics and fitting options is very difficult without experience and is impossible to simplify in any meaningful way.

In preparing our Price Guides we have applied them to "theoretical" conservatories. We have ignored all of the variables that can occur and avoided the very cheapest and most expensive options (which are least likely).

However this still means that the Price Guides vary by as much as 50% for the same blind type and 100% from the lowest to the highest prices. Nevertheless, if we created a catalogue of prices the biggest problem would be that without any professional advice (based on knowing your requirements and your conservatory) there would be a very high risk of selecting unsuitable blinds, fabrics, layouts and installation - especially if selecting them purely based on price.

Conservatory blinds are not like designing a new kitchen where you have fixed-size units which can then have options added to them. With conservatory blinds you need advice from someone who knows the "do's and don'ts" and whom you can trust to offer you advice based on what's best, as opposed to someone who is purely interested in "getting your order" irrespective of whether it will be suitable or even if you will be happy.

It is better not to buy any blinds at all, rather than wasting your money with completely inadequate and poor-fitting blinds just because they are cheaper.

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