Can you quote for blinds without visiting me?

Yes, if you can provide us with sufficient information so that we can establish a specification for a quotation then we are happy to assist, but we would always do so subject to survey.

Our Price Guides offer a fair representation of the costs involved and range of prices possible when buying conservatory blinds (from us or any other company).

Please be extremely cautious when choosing blinds (or a blind company) purely based on price without ever actually seeing real-life blinds and just basing your decision on pictures and a fabric sample. The differences between specifications are huge and often concealed so that you are not comparing even remotely similar things.

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In order to provide you with an accurate quotation you would need to provide us with the following information:

  • Type of blinds, blind range and specific fabric
  • Exact blind sizes (to the nearest cm) for each blind
  • Specify any shaped blinds (with over all shaped dimensions)
  • Total quantity of blinds for roof and/or sides
  • Approx. angle(s) of the conservatory roof and height of the ridge
  • Method of operation (manual, remote control, cord-tensioned etc.)
  • Conservatory type and construction
  • Images of window beads, rafters, roof boss, tie bars and ridge detail

If you are considering this course of action because you are concerned about a salesperson visiting you, then we can only assure you that we do NOT pressure-sell and will not waste your time (or ours) by sitting in your home for hours on end.

Read our customer reviews and ethics to see that we are completely different kind of company.

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