Do blinds actually reduce the heat in a conservatory?

Yes, correctly specified, well-fitted roof and window blinds will help to reduce the heat in a conservatory, blocking up to 85% of the infra-red light from coming into your conservatory, as well as helping to retain the heat during the night and in the colder months of the year.

The exact amount of heat that is blocked varies from fabric to fabric, and even from conservatory to conservatory, making it difficult to quote exact figures that work for everyone.

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Conservatories need adequate cross-ventilation (opening windows opposite each other) to dissipate the heat. The blinds need to be out before the sun has a chance to build up the heat (referred to as solar gain) but the shade and solar reflectivity from genuine conservatory blinds will help to keep the temperature down.

Roof blinds are the main priority when reducing heat in the summer and retaining the heat better in the winter as most of the heat is gained and lost through the roof, irrespective of the type of glazing you have.

Window blinds mainly tend to reduce glare and provide privacy because, when you are seated, your line of sight is much lower than you first imagine, although they do help to retain heat in the winter as well.

Apart from adding privacy, helping to reduce solar gain and improving heat insulation, conservatory blinds will also create a much more welcoming atmosphere by cutting down the reverberation (slight echo) that comes from too many hard surfaces.

The extent to which these benefits affect your conservatory are entirely dependant upon a wide variety of factors, including the angle of the sun on the blinds, how the conservatory is built, how large the conservatory is and various differences in temperature that differ from conservatory to conservatory. This means that it can be very misleading to quote exact figures.

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