Why do conservatory blinds cost more than domestic blinds?

It is simply a matter of quality and the fact that domestic components and fabrics do not last in the harsh environment of a conservatory, nor do they look or operate anywhere near as well. Domestic blinds suffice for the very short-term, even if they do not look, fit or operate as well, but this is very short-lived.

We believe that it is much better to provide the very highest quality conservatory blinds, for a few pounds more per blind, than to offer vastly substandard (but slightly cheaper) blinds.

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There are four main reasons why genuine conservatory blinds tend to cost more than domestic blinds.

Quantity: Conservatories have many more panes of glass than an entire house (a typical PVC conservatory has 22 window blinds and 12 roof blinds). If you price even the simplest domestic roller blinds, you will see that conservatory blinds are not necessarily that expensive.

Labour: They are completely made-to-measure and so require us to visit you to survey your conservatory and then return to fit them. The cost of skilled labour and travelling has to be factored into the price. From a manufacturing point of view, our blinds are made by hand in the UK, whereas most domestic blinds are now made in China (where costs are lower) and are sold for DIY installation (without any measuring or fitting). This can obviously make domestic blinds seem very cheap indeed.

Complexity: Conservatory blinds are infinitely more complex to measure, manufacture and install than any domestic blinds. The tolerances are far less and we have to consider your exact conservatory, their much higher use and the complex shapes often involved. Unlike domestic blinds, we have to know how all the blinds look when next to each other - domestic blinds are made as one-off blinds that have no relationship to any other window.

Components: Genuine conservatory blinds are made from components and fabrics that have to survive in the rigours of a conservatory. The costs of technology that provide UV stabilisation, anti-oxidants, anti-static treatments and so on, make the raw materials many times more expensive than a normal domestic blind.

For more information about what is involved in designing, manufacturing and installing conservatory blinds, visit our Conservatory Blinds Technology page.

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