Why do I need blinds if my conservatory has solar glazing?

We have been fitting conservatory blinds to solar glass conservatory roofs since they first started becoming popular in 2007. In fact, many of the pictures on this web site and in our Image Gallery are of conservatories with solar glazing.

Glass technology has greatly advanced in recent years, and you can now buy glass roofs that are much more efficient at keeping in heat and reducing solar gain. However, any type of glass (even solar glass) is still an inefficient material compared to the rest of your home.

You may have been told that, if you by solar glass, you "won't need blinds" but these kinds of verbal comments are, at best, misleading - and often completely untrue.

Conservatory blinds can significantly improve the thermal resistance of any tinted glass, solar glazing or polycarbonate roof and transform your conservatory.

Genuine conservatory blinds help to maintain a more balanced temperature, day or night, rain or shine, irrespective of your glass. Blinds also provide privacy, help to block out an unattractive view, offer UV protection, reduce glare and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

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This image shows a conservatory with a solar glass roof. Do you think it doesn't need roof blinds as well?

Solar Glazing still needs blinds - judge for yourself

Most people who have been told that they won't need blinds only buy window blinds first, because they want to create privacy and windows aren't tinted. Often on the day of installation, customers then decide to also then order roof blinds as well, even though this is normally more expensive because it requires an additional visit.

Highly reflective fabrics are NOT advised for tinted or solar glass roofs. The quality of fabric is also important to help retain a relatively high degree of natural light (otherwise it will be very dark) which precludes cheap low-tech fabrics.

Conservatory Blinds Ltd are one of only a few conservatory blinds specialists who not only have suitable fabrics to improve insulation, but have the experience to know when and where they are best suited - especially when dealing with solar glazing. 

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