Will Blinds Void a Conservatory's Guarantee?

The short answer is no; in the vast majority of situations it is possible to fit blinds to a conservatory and still have its guarantee intact. However that doesn't mean that every method of fitting blinds will be safe, and it's something you need to watch out for when getting a quotation from different companies.

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Some conservatory manufacturers specify that we only use an individual blind layout with a small air gap either side of the blind so that heat doesn't build up between the blind and the glass and potentially cause damage. This is not a problem for us, as we usually recommend an individual layout anyway, but some companies will always quote for a doubled-up blind layout as it usually works out cheaper - even if it would void the guarantee of the conservatory.

We recommend to all customers that are worried that blinds might cause problems with their conservatory's guarantee to contact their conservatory company and see what they recommend. Then, when they have quotations for blinds, make sure what's being quoted actually conforms with these guidelines and isn't just the cheapest option.

Another point to consider is that there are hundreds of thousands of conservatories with blinds already fitted in them and, in many cases, the conservatory builders themselves actually recommend specific blind companies to buy from (in most cases they earn a sales commission).

As a final reassurance, bear in mind that there are specific types of conservatory blinds (not just any old blinds, but conservatory blinds) that are purpose-designed for the job in hand. This would not be possible if blinds could not be fitted in conservatories.

Any conservatory can have blinds installed without affecting the guarantee (otherwise it would not be fit for purpose under the Consumer Regulations 2015) but it does depend on whether the blinds are suitable for the use you have intended, that the fabric is not going to adversely affect the glazing and that the blinds have been installed correctly, avoiding any damage to the integrity of the structure.

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