Can you give exact figures on the insulation properties of your fabrics?

People sometimes ask us about the "u-values" and "thermal properties" of our fabrics as a measure of how well the blinds will both stop heat from entering a conservatory and prevent heat from leaving it, and while we’ve noticed that others will claim “up to 12% savings on heating bills” and “retaining up to 46% extra heat” we feel that quoting exact figures can be very misleading.

The effectiveness of any specific blind or fabric will always depend on a wide range of factors - such as the type of glazing, aspect, construction, conservatory size, whether it’s open plan or not, the angle of the sun on the blinds... the list goes on!

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While our experts can go through the performance figures of our fabrics (if you have a couple of hours to spare!), we feel that the best way to judge our blinds is by seeing what our customers say:

"We have been so happy with our blinds.  They are keeping us cool in the sun and warmer when it's cold.  We have also been very pleased with the reduction in roof noise from rain and birds - a very happy finding for us."
Mr and Mrs P, Rochford

"The blinds really have made a massive difference to our conservatory and we can now use it all year round!"
Mr and Mrs D, Linslade

"I am writing this in my conservatory having spent a sunny afternoon in it for the very first time.

Until now the glare and heat made it unbearable but I now have a practical summer living space thanks to the pleated roof blinds which were installed this week by a very friendly and skilled fitter."
- Mr. J, Cardiff

"The result was astounding and what a difference it has made to the glare and heat from the sun on the problem half. Your technician Gareth was excellent in both measuring and fitting a most awkward corner panel. I would certainly recommend you to my village friends."
Mrs D, Doncaster

"This is just to let you know that we are very happy with our new blinds. They arrived just in time for the warm weather and we have enjoyed eating our lunch in the conservatory with the lovely sky blue blinds above keeping out the heat and glare."
- Mr and Mrs P, Hampton

"I have been very happy with the performance and look of the blinds – and pleasantly surprised at just how much heat/sunlight is kept out by the roof blinds in the summer."
- Mr and Mrs E, Leamington

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