Where else can I buy your blinds?

Nowhere else. We know that some unscrupulous salesmen may sometimes tell customers that they sell the same blinds, but it's completely untrue.

No other company sells blinds that have been manufactured by Conservatory Blinds Limited. They are completely exclusive to us because we created the tools from which the system is formed and the software system that controls how the blinds are made.

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We have designed and manufacture our own unique conservatory blinds ranges:

However we also offer the same types of blinds as those sold by other companies

Even though some blinds may look similar, or even contain some of the same components as other retailers, it is the quality of the advice, design, manufacturing and installation that makes the difference - as always "the devil is in the detail".

We would be happy to compare our blinds and quality of installation against any other company, irrespective of cost. For more information, compare Conservatory Blinds using our comparison chart.

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