What if something goes wrong with my blinds?

Because we aren’t a sales company we don’t have a “Customer Service Department” so any calls will inevitably be at a time when there is no-one available to speak knowledgeably about your specific order.

Therefore we offer a unique online after-sales service and support section on our web site that answers every possible question you may have about how to operate and care for your blinds, as well as simple solutions to any problems.

If you are within your 5-year Guarantee, simply log-in as explained in the section below:

Find Out More

Go to www.conservatoryblinds.co.uk/myblinds, and log in with your order number and post code.

Finding your order number
Your order number can be found at the top of all of our forms and letters, as seen below:

Using the correct Postcode
You need to log-in using the postcode at which your blinds were installed. When typing, all spaces will be automatically removed. Do not copy/paste your postcode into the form, as the spaces will not be removed.

Once logged in, you can select the section that most suits your needs:

Show me how to…
If you know what you need to find out, then you can browse this area for a "How to" guide, including:

  • How to operate blinds
  • How to take down blinds and refit them
  • How to adjust the tension of a blind
  • How to wash/care for blinds
  • How to replace a spring or handle

Problem with a blind?
If you don't know what to do, then follow the simple steps in this section to help diagnose the problem, find out how it has occurred and what to do to rectify the problem.

If you need more help you can fill in a form and upload photos so we can come back to you with a resolution.

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