Do you offer a timer option for remote control blinds?

Yes, we do offer timer options for our remote control blinds, but we do not usually recommend them as they are not designed for use in conservatories.

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Telis 6 Chronis Handset
6 Channel Somfy remote control handset with the ability to set up controls for 6 times a day.
Telis 16 Chronis Handset
16 Channel Somfy remote control handset with the ability to set up controls for 6 times a day.
Chronis Wall Mounted Switch
Simple wall switch with the ability to set up single operation of all blinds every day.

These handsets are only available for use with Somfy™ control systems. If you have a Home Automation System you may also have a timer-control option, but this would require programming by your home automation company.

We do NOT recommend a timer for remote control conservatory blinds because:

 Fitness for purpose
Although they completely reliable, they are not really intended for use in conservatories. Timers are designed for commercial or domestic window blinds, a patio awning, or external shutters – not for lots of conservatory blinds.

A timer does not provide extra security
Timers are sold as if they are a security measure but, unless a burglar happens to be present at the very moment that your blinds happen to be moving, they will not be deterred by this at all. For added security most people simply close their blinds before they go out so that no-one can see in.

A timer will cause your alarm to go off
Moving blinds can be sensed by the PIR sensors of a burglar alarm. Repeated false alarms are very inconvenient, especially if you are asleep or out of the house all day, and are something that the Police take a very dim view over. This normally results in people not using their timer when they go out.

Confused control
A timer can be confusing to set in the first place and will only operate your blinds at given time. It will not know that you want them to go up or down - it just knows to operate them. So, if you have forgotten that you wanted them to extend and already have them extended, they will in fact retract because you have simply timed them to operate.

The sun rises and sets at different times and positions
If you think that, by having a timer, your blinds will operate when the sun comes into view – think again. The sun rises and sets at different times of the day throughout the year, so you would need to re-set your timer at least every week to accommodate this. Plus, because the British weather is so notoriously unreliable, you will often find that you are extending your blinds on a cloudy, rainy day.

A timer defeats the object of having conservatory blinds
Correctly specified conservatory blinds provide good heat insulation (whether it’s too hot or too cold) without darkening your conservatory or adjoining rooms. Having your blinds operate at a set time will not provide any benefit at all. You really need to be there to judge the best time and conditions.

A timer may cause problems when you’re not present
There are many sources of radio waves that can interfere with the RF signal required for operating your blinds (mostly from cheap remote-control devices, such as doorbells and thermostats) even if they are a hundred metres away. If this happens while your blinds are operating, and you are not there to stop them from working incorrectly, then you may need to have them completely re-set. 

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