Do I have to be present at survey and installation?

Yes, wherever possible we need you to be present at survey because we go through the order with you one last time and check the smallest details. This way we can be sure that you understand what the blinds will look like and exactly how/where they will be fitted and how they will operate.

Because your blinds will be manufactured from the details confirmed at survey, this is the last chance to make any amendments without causing delays or additional costs.

At installation we need to go through the correct operation and care of the blinds with you to make sure that you are happy so that we can take final payment.

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If you are unable to attend survey then we will make your blinds using our best endeavours but cannot accept any liability for anything that is not exactly as you imagined it. Without discussing your order in detail at survey, there is always a risk that your expectations may differ from what we have recommended.

We require payment at installation based on the method of payment agreed at order stage and which is stated on your order. Card payments need to be taken by no later than 5.00pm on a weekday in order to be authorised. Unfortunately we do not accept payment by cheque.

If you have opted to pay the balance by consumer credit/finance then the specific person that applied for the finance must also be present at installation to sign the completion form (no other person can do this - not even a spouse). Without the correctly signed form we are unable to install your blinds because we will not be paid.

Regrettably, any return visits due to the above requirements not being met are chargeable.

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