How much does remote control add to the cost?

This can be highly variable, depending on the type of blind, the number of blinds, whether they are adjacent (as in a conservatory) and the control system required.

Generally speaking, the extra cost per blind will probably range between £150-£250 to add remote control operation to conservatory blinds, but if you only want one or two motorised blinds the costs would be much higher.

Cheaper cost options for motorsation are available, but are not recommended for use in conservatories.

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Although most blinds are available with optional remote control, it cannot be added afterwards because the blinds need to be manufactured completely differently, with different components and completely different architecture.

Each blind range has a limited number of motors that can be specified, but the control systems (the bit that makes them work and controls their operation) is often the most variable when it comes to cost. We offer the widest choice of control systems for motorised blinds, including:

Like all technologically bespoke services, the cost should be somewhat ignored when compared to the suitability of the control system itself to your conservatory and personal needs.There are many things that can cause problems with motorised blinds, so be sure that you are dealing with true specialists.

There are a number of companies offering remote control operation, but they are often incorrectly specified because the salesmen are only interested in winning your order at any price, as opposed to having any technical understanding over what they are doing.

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