Are there any images showing the different fabrics you offer?

Yes, we currently have a selection of fabric images available to view as part of our Fabric Slideshows, which show off our most popular fabrics and colours.

Keep in mind that the slideshows only show a small selection of the fabrics we offer, and do not represent the entire range of colours we have available.

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We do not show every fabric colour we have available for the simple reason that it would just be too many to show at once. We offer literally hundreds of colours to match your conservatory, including the complete range of Farrow & Ball® colours. The best way to see what colour is right for your conservatory is to have a free quotation with one of our sales people.

It's important to remember that although we try to get our fabric images as close to the real samples as possible, it is impossible to be 100% accurate with our fabric images. This is for various reasons:

  • Colours vary enormously from monitor to monitor, which can often create false impressions of the fabric colour.
  • Any light-translucent fabrics vary in tone depending on whether they are viewed with light behind the fabric, in natural daylight, in shade, or with artificial lighting.
  • All fabrics vary slightly in tone between different dye-batches - like paints and wallpapers - so there will always be a very slight difference in exact colours between the images and actual fabrics.

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