What is the estimated timescale from order to installation?

We normally suggest that orders take approx. 6-8 weeks, but this varies with the time of year, how busy we are at the time, the complexity of your order, the fabric that you have chosen and your flexibility in providing access for us to survey your conservatory.

When we are less busy and if you are able to provide us with access when we request, straightforward orders can be completed within 4-6 weeks of order.

If you have a complex order with restrictions regarding access and it is during our busiest period then it will inevitably take somewhat longer than 6 weeks.

Because there are so many factors that can affect progress, it is impossible for us to guarantee any specific time period and this is specifically stated within our Conditions of Sale.

On average, over 95% of orders meet our estimated timescales.

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In addition to general reasons why timescales inevitably vary, here are some specific examples:

Very large orders (or those with difficult access) can often necessitate two or more installers being required for two or more days. In order to program our workload to accommodate this, we sometimes need more time to create the necessary ‘slot’ so that we don’t rush your work, or have to resort to different installers on different days. 

Motorised blinds tend to take a lot longer to survey and install, so we suggest a longer period may sometimes be necessary. Motorised blinds can take often up to 4 weeks from date of survey. 

Custom finishing of blinds always adds at least 1-2 weeks to an order because of the additional work involved in manufacture, but is also dependent upon confirmation of colour. This will normally require at least 4 weeks from date of colour confirmation. 

If you have chosen our Factory Direct Service, then timescales are dependent upon our other workload and how we can fit your order in around these other orders. Often this does not present a significant problem but, at certain peak times of year, we will be very busy and this can increase the time it takes to reach you.

Orders placed from late November onwards will be affected by the Christmas break, so please allow an extra 2 weeks in addition to the manufacturing period. 

Of course, we can always accelerate orders, but we believe that most people would prefer that we do not rush our work and so tend to err more on the side of caution, rather than mislead you.

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