What happens when I place an order with you?

Once you complete an order form and pay a deposit, they are scanned, emailed and posted to our Contracts Department so that we normally receive them within 1-2 working days.

We process your order and send you a confirmation letter, which you will normally receive within a week of placing your order. You can cancel your order up to a week after placing it, and receive a full refund.

Within this first week we also issue your order to our factory, to ensure that your selected fabric is reserved or, if necessary, is specially ordered.

Your installer will subsequently call you to arrange a date for your survey. We are unable to book specific times, but do suggest whether it would be an AM or PM appointment.

At survey your installer will go through your order with you in some depth, as well as measuring your conservatory in detail. He will point out any technical points that could be of interest to you and seek your preference over any aesthetic options. Your installer will also book your installation date with you at survey.

Your blinds are then manufactured to this survey and subsequently delivered to your installer by our own delivery vehicle, normally within 2-3 weeks. Over 95% of our orders are completed within estimated timescale.

After your blinds are installed your installer will talk you through their operation and care, as well as require you to sign a completion form and make due payment. If he has to return to refit a blind that requires alteration, he will book a return date with you there and then, but will still require a majority payment.

We also provide you with a Care & Maintenance pack that includes a detailed booklet, any relevant spares and silicone for any future care of your roof blinds, if you haven’t requested an Annual Maintenance Service. 

After installation we will send you a completed invoice and, some weeks later, we also try to follow-up your installation and make sure that you are happy.


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