Do you take down existing blinds?

Yes. We normally have to take down any existing blinds at survey stage because they are often in the way of our taking accurate measurements, however we do make a small charge for this and cannot take them away.

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Current legislation means that we cannot actually take away your old blinds away and dispose of them without charging a fairly hefty amount just to cover the waste licence and minimum tipping charges that are applied nowadays.

Unfortunately we cannot re-fit existing blinds as they often fall apart or break, and we cannot risk them falling down afterwards. Nor is it possible for us to use the existing holes from your old blinds for our fixings, but most are covered by the new blinds when they are fitted.

Any holes from your existing blinds can be filled, but we would need to provide you with a quotation for a specialist to do this. The quality of finish possible in repairing a UPVC conservatory is exceptional, but comes at a cost; to repair the dozens of holes left over from old blinds, normally costs £300-£600.

Many people with UPVC conservatories just use flexible filler to disguise the holes, which makes them much less apparent and is obviously cheaper than paying anyone to do this for you. Timber conservatories are different: unless you use 2-pack resin filler (which requires a great deal of preparation) wood conservatories can rarely be filled without the filler shrinking back and leaving obvious marks that require complete redecoration.

If you are redecorating (or just cleaning) your conservatory, make sure that it has plenty of time to dry before your blinds are due to be installed. If in doubt, please let us know, as this will avoid the any abortive visit costs.

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