What is a Direct Sales Company?

A Direct Sales Company markets and sells its products to consumers in their own homes without any retail premises. They use self-employed commission paid salesmen and blind fitters that are paid a percentage of any order.

We are NOT a Direct Sales Company.

You will often find that the salesmen working for Direct Sales Companies will take many hours to provide you with a quotation because they are following a structured presentation that is designed to coerce you into buying at the end.

They will verbally create the impression that their company and their products are the absolute best that money can buy. When they finally get to the point where they provide you with a price, it will often be vastly inflated so they can then deduct a huge discount if you “buy today” so that you feel that you are getting a bargain.

A direct sales person will try and stop you from seeing another company, either by tempting you to buy now, or by slandering other companies, but always by reasoning that “you cannot buy these blinds anywhere else”… which is fundamentally untrue.

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The cost of establishing a Direct Sales business is tiny as you only need to provide sales kits to would-be salespeople. With Pay per Click web sites being a quick way to generate work, virtually anyone can set up a Direct Sales Company selling blinds… and if you check Companies House, you will find that is exactly what happens.

They recruit large numbers of people on an ongoing basis then train them for a week using a standard ‘syllabus’ so that they have basic product knowledge, a belief in the Company and a detailed script to follow for selling. Typically, a direct sales company will lose 90% of the people it recruits within the first year as they cannot succeed.

A Direct Sales Company relies completely on you gaining the impression that what they are selling is somehow completely unique and much better than anything else. When it comes to conservatory blinds, you will find that salesmen will have no option but to resort to deception and slander, because their products are not unique at all – they are readily available elsewhere.

When you buy from a Direct Sales Company you are paying a high percentage towards the commission of Telesales, the Salesman, his Sales Manager(s) and the people that actually carry out the work (blind fitters are also paid a commission). 

If you pay too little then the person tasked with actually carrying out the work (the blind fitter) will be forced to do the job for a price that he cannot afford – often not enough to even cover his travelling costs. To prove the point, calculate what 5-10% of the nett value of their quotation, and you will have an idea of what the self-employed blind fitter will be paid to cover all of his costs:

  • Fuel and costs of owning a van
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Tools and fixings
  • Phone (mobile and land-line)
  • Postage and general stationery overheads
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Income Tax

Blind fitters typically have a minimum of 1 hour travelling between orders and they need to make a minimum of 2 visits (more if they have to return to repair/replace a blind) plus a minimum of 1-2 hours to carry out a survey and at least half a day to fit the blinds. So they can easily earn less than the minimum wage...

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