What is Fabric Control Cording?

Fabric Control Cording (or FCC for short) is a key part of a shaped pleated roof blind. It runs a lightly tensioned thin "lay flat" cord along the shaped edge to help hold the blind in shape when it is extended and also holds the fabric flatter when the blind is retracted.

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Basic Lay Flat Cording

This "lay flat" cord is routed through the specially designed end caps and is held under light tension by a specially designed custom spring. Unlike many blinds, pure Pleated Blinds can have Fabric Control Cording on all shaped blinds, including awkward shaped blinds and all motorised blinds.

As a consequence of Fabric Control Cording along the shaped edge of a blind, the slight force exerted means that the blind would distort on the opposite edge, which is negated by specially designed cords for equalised pleating. This holds the blind in shape across its width and along its length.

The unique way that we design our pure Pleated Blind system is often mimicked in other cheap blinds, but never works the same, as you can see in the following image of blinds fitted by another company.

Lay Flat Cording not working so has been cut out by another company

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